Manors Mills & Manuscripts Series

Publications By Jane Greatorex

Research Historian & author of Essex History

Coggeshall Abbey & Abbey Mill

published in 1999 in A4 size (ISBN 0 9518543 4 8)

A history of the structure and working of the Cistercian Abbey, Coggeshall, Essex, England spanning Domesday to the present day.

This is a detailed account of the Cistercian order at Coggeshall, from its foundation to the Dissolution. The isolated nature of the site in no way sheltered the community from the consequences of events, be they local, national or foreign. Thereafter is an account of Abbey Mill to the present time. Outbreaks of the Plague, unannounced visits by Templars, ‘ghostly’ visitors, raids on the abbey during the reign of King John, details of fleece exports and mediaeval merchants, the dissolution and successive water mills on the site, are all included. There is an abundance of names for the genealogist.

The text is diversely and richly illustrated using documents from regional, national and private archive collections. Latin text is translated; complex text is explained. A glossary is included giving much additional background information, the numerical references for which are incorporated in the text. Footnotes are reduced to a minimum. Instead, subject matter in the bibliography is categorised, facilitating reference to the text and pinpointing the relevant sources. This is an ambitious work, serving as the definitive guide to the history of this ancient site. It is a valuable source of reference to the student, historian and layman. The author was short listed in the Essex Book Awards not long after publication.

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John Parmenter

first edition published 2003, revised & extended edition 2006 in A4 size

1 st ed. ISBN 0 9518543 5 6 and 2 nd ed. ISBN 0 9518543 6 4

John Parmenter , son of William Parmenter [husbandman] and Margery Garrold, alias Butcher, was born circa 1588 in the north of the county of Essex, England on the Essex/Suffolk county border. He was buried in Roxbury, Massachusetts on 1 st May, 1671.

The text looks further into the fact that John Parmenter, his family and a few friends, sailed to the Massachusetts Bay in circa 1638. He was living apparently, in the parish of Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England. Diverse sources record that he and his son, also John, was a tailor, had land and kept animals. John snr. was asked often to witness wills and documents for friends and relations. He was an articulate, literate and astute man.

He and his small party began their long journey to Massachusetts Bay, by setting off from the port of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. Exactly when they might have set off and the route they took, is the reason the book was written. It is the first highly detailed research into this family unit, since 1931. During the intervening years, more material has come to light or been placed in public archives.

The book places emphasis on what John could not have done, as well as that which he did do. Given that he had probably put off emigrating until the death of his widowed mother at a time when England was sliding into Civil War, his options were reduced. Much use has been made of archival [local documents] and bibliographical material that has been subjected to very close scrutiny. As a result, dates have come together to form a revised timescale of John Parmenter’s voyage; first to Holland to the sanctuary of a safe commun- ity there, and second the Massachusetts Bay, in c.1638.

Under the Julian Calendar each New Year began on 25 th March, not 1 st January, as under the Gregorian Calendar. Each year ended, therefore on 24 th March. Great Britain and her Colonies did not adopt the Gregorian Calendar until 1752. I have remained with the Julian Calendar of John Parmenter’s time. The text is richly illustrated using wills, sketches and photographs. I have recorded the years in the same way as they appear in the bibliography and original documents; I have avoided expressing them as fractions. Punctuation and spelling is as the original material. There is a comprehensive biblio-graphy, list of manuscripts and Vital Records.

An invaluable reference for students of England/New World history & for genealogists.

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The Savile Family & Colne Engaine Connections

Published in 1994 in A5 size

ISBN 0 9518543 3 X

The Savile family are a mystery in this north Essex village but they represent a well know name in that county. From Manorial Documents the author has compiled a small family tree from the 1500’s to late 1600’s. The text attempts to piece some of them together.

Of yeoman status, they worked the land, were benefactors of the village, tenants of ‘Goldingtons Manor’ and domiciled on land belonging to ‘Shrives Manor.’ Several manor-ial documents, maps, plans and photos are reproduced in the text that ends as it begins, with a mystery. A useful addition to the A5 series of short books on Colne Engaine’s history.

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Forthcoming title currently under preparation for 2006

Surgeons & Apothecaries of Castle Hedingham, Essex.

To be published in A4 size

A subject very rarely if ever, undertaken at a rural level; who were these people, where did they study, how were they licensed, where did they come from, why were they attracted to Castle Hedingham, where did they live? Just a few of the questions that receive full attention to detail in this work. With rural medical care outlined both pre. and post. dissolution, the rôle of religious houses, chantries, guilds and brotherhoods, the historical background is laid out. The scene is set for the surgeons and apothecaries, the physicians and general practitioners who have lived and/or worked in this Borough Town. Seat of the de Vere family, the Earls of Oxford, hedygham ad castrum [now Castle Hedingham] enjoyed much patronage and prosperity from the seven hundred year, unbroken line of the Earls of Oxford. The text encompasses the life and work of surgeons and apothecaries beginning in the 1500’s. A good place to start because of the social upheaval caused by the forced closure by King Henry VIII, of the religious houses. A wealth of local and county archive is contained in this work as well as from universities and national archives. Typical of this author, the text abounds with names of local places, buildings, people and trades. It is a complex subject made tangibly available to all who care about local history.

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